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Wendy Rolt

Wendy Rolt’s most recent exhibition is based on her experiences of London. Her drawings and paintings are the result of a rigorous observation of a city in constant change. This is an artistic practice as disciplined as it is heartfelt, constantly in tune with London and its unique landscape; from the architecture of the towering city to its quiet gardens and squares.

One can make connections with artists who - like her - dedicated their attention to this city of contrasts, one main example and influence of Rolt’s work is Leon Kossoff with his images of train stations and series of drawings of streets and buildings of East London. One other artist that plays an important part in her work is Frank Auerbach, and his energetic style of drawing and painting, where the views of the city seem to dissolve in the materiality of painting.

Like these master artists that precede her, Rolt is untiring with her practice. Be it drawing, painting, or mixed media, she is always exploring the atmospheres of different areas of the city, aiming to convey not only the views, but also the spirit of the place and moment.

Alongside her work as an artist, Rolt founded and runs Arch76, a charity in East London, for women who come from difficult and broken backgrounds. This brings another layer of meaning to her work, as her experience of the city is complemented by the life and stories of the women she works with.
Rodrigo Orrantia, curator and photographer


Wendy studied with Francis Hoyland (click here for his website) at the Royal Drawing School. He wrote this poem for her:

For Wendy

They were over before they began
Till you got the colour right
And painted the whole room
With figures dark in the gloom
Against the window's light.

Then "I'm off to feed twenty-five men
Down and out in the cold" -
I thought of my own comfort then,
Though I too am old.

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